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What does AITC stand for?

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AITC: And Incorporated by Congress***
AITC: Audrey in the Country***
AITC: Albion in the Community***
AITC: Association of Independent Trust Companies***
AITC: AIMETA International Tribology Conference***
AITC: American Indian Treaty Council***
AITC: American Indian Tourism Conference***
AITC: American Indian Theater Company***
AITC: Advanced Instrumentation and Technology Centre***
AITC: Advanced Infantry Training Company***
AITC: Atlantic Investment Tax Credit***
AITC: Aarhus International Theatre Company***
AITC: Active to Inert Conversion***
AITC: Australian Incentive Travel Company***
AITC: All India Textile Conference***
AITC: Asian Institute of Technology***
AITC: Agricultural in the Classroom***
AITC: Australian Irrigation Technology Centre***
AITC: Aerospace Industry Training Centre***
AITC: Animal Industry Technical Council***
AITC: Association of IT Consultants***
AITC: autologous irradiated tumor cells**
AITC: All India Trinamul Congress**
AITC: Artificial Intelligence Technical Center**
AITC: Australian Industry and Technology Council**
AITC: Australian Institute of Tourism and Commerce**
AITC: Asian Industrial Technology Congress**
AITC: Administrative Information Technology Committee**
AITC: Airport Intermodal Transit Connector**
AITC: Assembly Integration and Test Center**
AITC: Asia Innovation and Technology Center**
AITC: American Infrastructure Technologies Corporation**
AITC: American Internet Technical Center**
AITC: Andrews International Training Center**
AITC: Association of International Tax Consultants**
AITC: Academic Instructional Technology Center**
AITC: Agricultural Information Technology Center**
AITC: Allegheny Institute Taxpayer Coalition**
AITC: Appliance Industry Training Centre**
AITC: Academic Instructional Technology Committee**
AITC: Annual Information Technology Conference**
AITC: ak inter tribal council**
AITC: All India Trinamool Congress**
AITC: All India Transport Congress**
AITC: Automated Information and Telecommunications Council**
AITC: Automatic Identification Technical Committee**
AITC: Aboriginal Information Technology Centre**
AITC: Asia Innovation and Technology Centre**
AITC: Auto ID Technical Committee**
AITC: A I Training Consultants**
AITC: Academic Information Technology Committee*
AITC: Advanced Information Technology Center*
AITC: Ameren Illinois Transmission Company*
AITC: American Information Technology Corporation*
AITC: AMREF International Training Center*
AITC: Associazione Italiana Tumori Cerebrali*
AITC: Annual International Training Courses*
AITC: Artificial Intelligence Technology Center*
AITC: Academics in the Commons*
AITC: Aquatic Invertebrate Tissue Culture*
AITC: Area Instructional Technology Coordinator*
AITC: Assembly Integration and Test Centre*
AITC: An Introduction to the Tax Clear*
AITC: Australian Industry and Technology Commission*

Note: Acronym Finder has 17 verified definitions for AITC

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