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AIPS: Assisted Instrument Purchase Scheme****
AIPS: Artificial Intelligence Planning Systems****
AIPS: Artificial Intelligence Planning and Scheduling***
AIPS: Air Independent Propulsion System***
AIPS: American Institute for Paralegal Studies***
AIPS: Advanced Image Processing System***
AIPS: Algorithm for Inventive Problem Solving***
AIPS: American Institute of Paralegal Studies***
AIPS: AI Planning and Scheduling***
AIPS: Automated Information Processing System***
AIPS: Australian Institute of Public Safety***
AIPS: Artificial Intelligence in Power Systems***
AIPS: Application Intrusion Prevention Systems***
AIPS: Australian Institute of Political Science***
AIPS: Advanced Information Processing System***
AIPS: American Institute of Pakistan Studies***
AIPS: automated image processing system**
AIPS: Academy of Intellectual Property Studies**
AIPS: Amnesty International Puget Sound**
AIPS: Artificial Intelligence Planning Scheduling**
AIPS: accidents, injuries, and poisonings**
AIPS: Approche Informatique Pont Scorff**
AIPS: Articial Intelligence Planning and Scheduling**
AIPS: American Infantry Preservation Society**
AIPS: Advanced Integrated Pond Systems**
AIPS: Advanced in Plane Switching**
AIPS: atrophin-1 interacting proteins**
AIPS: Australian Institute of Policy Science**
AIPS: American Institute of Philanthropic Studies**
AIPS: Associazione Italiana Pesca Subacquea**
AIPS: AI in Planning Systems**
AIPS: Assessment of Interpersonal Problem Solving**
AIPS: Association Internationale pour le Patrimoine Souterrain**
AIPS: Australian Investment Performance Standards**
AIPS: AI and Planning Systems**
AIPS: Advanced Integrated Power System**
AIPS: Asian International Property Show**
AIPS: Absecon Island Power Squadron**
AIPS: Artificial Intelligence Piloting System**
AIPS: Accademia Italiana Pencak Silat**
AIPS: Australian Illustrative Planning Scenarios**
AIPS: Advanced International Policy Scenario**
AIPS: All India Pingalwara Society**
AIPS: American Institute for Pakistan Studies**
AIPS: Assisted Instrumental Purchase Scheme**
AIPS: Advanced Integrated Pond System*
AIPS: Astronomical Imaging Processing System*
AIPS: Adult Intensive Probation Supervision*
AIPS: American Inmate Phone Systems*
AIPS: American Institute of Public Service*
AIPS: Astronomical Image Processing Systems*
AIPS: Artificial Intelligence in Planning Systems*
AIPS: Automated Interbank Payment System*
AIPS: Artiflcial Intelligence Planning Systems*
AIPS: Autonetic Insurance Pensions Services*
AIPS: Advanced Integrated Ponding Systems*
AIPS: Americn Institute for Prlegl Studies*
AIPS: An Industry Partnership Scheme*
AIPS: Artificial Intelligence in Planning and Scheduling*
AIPS: Automated Interbank Payments System*
AIPS: Alaska Inside Passage Southeas*
AIPS: Artificial Intelligence Publications Server*
AIPS: Associaton Internationale de la Presse Sportive*

Note: Acronym Finder has 18 verified definitions for AIPS

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