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AIL: Achilles Information Limited****
AIL: ACeS International Limited****
AIL: Atlantic Industries Limited****
AIL: Automatic Import Licensing***
AIL: Abnormal Indivisible Loads***
AIL: Avian Insect Liquidator***
AIL: At American Income Life***
AIL: Associazione Italiana Laringectomizzati***
AIL: Anderson Island Library (Anderson Island, WA)***
AIL: Audco India Limited***
AIL: Accuracy International Ltd***
AIL: Advanced Integrated Laboratory***
AIL: Amtek India Limited***
AIL: asia infosys ltd***
AIL: American Institute for Learning***
AIL: Auto Italia Ltd***
AIL: Artificial Intelligence and Law***
AIL: Alliance International Logistics***
AIL: abductor indicus longus**
AIL: actual isolated length**
AIL: actually impaired life**
AIL: Aeginetia Indica L**
AIL: alpha-amylase inhibitor-like**
AIL: amylase inhibitor-like**
AIL: angio immunoblastic lymphadenopathy**
AIL: angio-immunoblastic lymphadenopathy**
AIL: angiocentric immunoproliferative lesion**
AIL: angiocentric immunoproliferative lesions**
AIL: Artocarpus integrifolia lectin**
AIL: Audio Interface Library**
AIL: Army Institute of Law**
AIL: American Immigration Lawyers**
AIL: Automotive Industries Ltd**
AIL: alpha-amylase inhibitor-like protein**
AIL: angiocentric immunoproliferative lesion type**
AIL: Aeronautics India Limited**
AIL: Association of Independent Libraries**
AIL: Associated International Laboratory**
AIL: activator-induced thrombolysis**
AIL: angioimmunoblastic T-cell lymphoma**
AIL: Achromatic Interferometric Lithography**
AIL: Afgas Infrastructure Limited**
AIL: ardale international ltd**
AIL: Attachment Invasion Locus**
AIL: Air India Limited**
AIL: Agents and Internet Learning**
AIL: Acute Infectious Lymphocytosis**
AIL: Airborne Instrument Laboratories**
AIL: Andrich International Limited**
AIL: Administration Information Letter**
AIL: American International Life**
AIL: Apollo International Limited**
AIL: And Altig International**
AIL: Aftek Infosys Ltd**
AIL: Acquisition Intermediate Logistics**
AIL: Aeronautics India Ltd**
AIL: Account Information Line**
AIL: Afghan Institute for Learning**
AIL: Amnesty International Limited**
AIL: American Indian Lives*
AIL: Applied Imagery Laboratory*
AIL: Alberta Internal Load*
AIL: American Indian Law*
AIL: Australand Investments Limited*
AIL: Additional Instrumentation Logging*
AIL: Advanced Intercrossed Line*
AIL: Agency Implementation Leads*
AIL: Amoeba Interface Language*
AIL: Australian Innovation Limited*
AIL: America in Line*
AIL: American Institute of Laundering*
AIL: Aplomb Investments Ltd*
AIL: Administrative and Internal Law*
AIL: Adverse Impact on Land*
AIL: Architecture archived Information Level*
AIL: Aaron Interiors Livingston*
AIL: Allens Introduction to Later*
AIL: Alsystems International Limited*
AIL: Amazon Internet Limited*
AIL: Analytical Instruments and Laboratory*
AIL: Anthonys Icon Library*
AIL: Archive of the Iroquois Language*
AIL: Arkansas Interest on Lawye*
AIL: Artificial Intelligence Lisa*
AIL: Ascent International Limited*
AIL: Association of International Libraries*
AIL: Astro Investments Limited*
AIL: Astronomy Image Library*

Note: Acronym Finder has 54 verified definitions for AIL

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