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What does AII stand for?

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AII: Australia Indonesia Institute****
AII: Associations an International***
AII: Associazione Idrotecnica Italiana***
AII: Axelrod Institute of Ichthyology***
AII: American Indian Institute***
AII: Aduromed Industries Inc***
AII: Access Information Inc***
AII: Animal Improvement Institute***
AII: Accuracy Improvement Initiative***
AII: Agatti Island India***
AII: Australian Insurance Institute***
AII: Adriatic Ionic Initiative***
AII: African Information Institute***
AII: Adriatic Ionian Initiative***
AII: Angiotensin I II***
AII: Amity Innovation Incubator***
AII: Alliance for Industrial Internships***
AII: Angarai International Inc***
AII: Agency for Industrial Innovation***
AII: acute intestinal ileus**
AII: acute intestinal infection**
AII: acute intestinal infections**
AII: alcohol idiosyncratic intoxication**
AII: Alcohol Initiation Index**
AII: Alternative Impairment Index**
AII: Axonal Injury Index**
AII: Aviation Industries of Iran**
AII: 125I-angiotensin II**
AII: 125I]-(Sar1,Ile8)angiotensin II**
AII: 125I]-angiotensin II**
AII: anti-angiotensin II**
AII: Asp1,Val5)-angiotensin II**
AII: Asp1,Val5-angiotensin II**
AII: Asp1-Ile5]angiotensin II**
AII: inhibitors/angiotensin II**
AII: motivation--angiotensin II**
AII: Sar1-Ala8-angiotensin II**
AII: Sar1-Ileu8-Angiotensin II**
AII: Add Insult to Injury**
AII: Accelerated intermittent harmonic imaging**
AII: angiotensin I or II**
AII: Association of International Instructors**
AII: A I Instructions**
AII: and in stimulated**
AII: angiotensin II concentration**
AII: Asia Innovation Initiative**
AII: Arab Investable Index**
AII: Australian Institute of Insurance**
AII: An Australian International**
AII: Agency for Investment Information**
AII: Alloys International Inc**
AII: advantedge intl inc*
AII: Asian Institute of Insurance*
AII: Applied Innovation Incorporated*
AII: Active for Indipendent Initiative*
AII: Animal Industries Initiative*
AII: Artificial Intelligence Institute*
AII: Accident Involvement Indicator*
AII: Asia Information Infrastructure*
AII: Asosiasi Inventor Indonesia*
AII: Alina International Industries*
AII: Access Indiana Index*
AII: Accident Incident Investigations*
AII: Acco International Incorporated*
AII: Aerial Images Incorporated*
AII: Agronomy and Irrigation Information*
AII: Akiko International Illustrated*
AII: Amour Internet Introductions*
AII: Anahuac Imports Information*
AII: Andros Island Iguana*
AII: Antarctic Iceberg Images*
AII: Appro International Incorporated*
AII: Arch of Illinois Incorporated*
AII: Archives and Images International*
AII: Argus Interware Incorporated*
AII: Artists for Israel International*
AII: Aslchem International Incorporated*
AII: Atlantic Internet Institute*
AII: Atwood Industries Incorporated*
AII: Automation Image Incorporated*
AII: Aviano Italy Internet*

Note: Acronym Finder has 29 verified definitions for AII

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