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AIG: American Int'l Group****
AIG: American Int'l Group****
AIG: American Insurance Group****
AIG: Academically Intellectually Gifted****
AIG: Alliance of Global****
AIG: A Idade Gestacional****
AIG: Allen Insurance Group****
AIG: Affiliated Insurance Group***
AIG: Ascension Island Government***
AIG: Advanced Investigator Grant***
AIG: Audio Ideas Guide***
AIG: Adventures in Gaming***
AIG: Accord Implementation Group***
AIG: Applied Image Group***
AIG: Advanced Interfaces Group***
AIG: Assembly Investment Grant***
AIG: American Illustrators Gallery***
AIG: Afghanistan Interim Government***
AIG: Action Innocence Group***
AIG: Ammonia Injection Grid***
AIG: Advanced Investigator Grants***
AIG: Arm of Insurance Giant***
AIG: Atlas Investment Group***
AIG: Advanced Interfaces Gallery***
AIG: Applied Isotope Geochemistry***
AIG: Alumni Interest Group***
AIG: About Insurance Giant***
AIG: Airport International Group***
AIG: Aviation Insurance Group***
AIG: Additional Instructions and Guidelines***
AIG: Allied Insurance Group***
AIG: Armed Islamic Group***
AIG: Australian Industries Group***
AIG: Aref Investment Group***
AIG: Adams Investment Group***
AIG: american international grp***
AIG: Astronomical Instrumentation Group***
AIG: Associates of Glens***
AIG: Apparel Industry Group***
AIG: Audubon Insurance Group***
AIG: American Investment Group***
AIG: american intern group***
AIG: Auto Indemnity Group***
AIG: Artistes International Group***
AIG: At International Group***
AIG: Associazione Italiana Glicogenosi***
AIG: Analytical Imaging and Geophysics***
AIG: Automotive Industry Guideline***
AIG: Austin Insurance Group***
AIG: Association Internationale de Geodesie***
AIG: American Internation Group***
AIG: ACME Industrial Group***
AIG: Adolescent Interest Group***
AIG: America International Group***
AIG: Ahliea Insurance Group***
AIG: Agway Insurance Group***
AIG: Amer International Group***
AIG: Annuity Insurance Group***
AIG: Acquisitions Insurance Group***
AIG: Anderson Imaging Group***
AIG: Afghan Interim Government***
AIG: Aviation Inc Global***
AIG: Afcon Industries Group***
AIG: Alternative Income Generation***
AIG: Anchorage Independent Growth***
AIG: Accident Investigation Group***
AIG: Agents in Gulfport***
AIG: Astronomy Interest Group***
AIG: Applied Intelligence Group***
AIG: Arbeitsgemeinschaft Instandhaltung Gebäudetechnik***
AIG: anti interferon globulin**
AIG: anti-idiotypic ganglioside**
AIG: anti-interferon globulin**
AIG: arterial inversion graft**
AIG: autonomous intrathoracic goiter**
AIG: Applied Information Group**
AIG: Award Incentive Group**
AIG: Adventures in Glorantha**
AIG: Advanced Integration Group**
AIG: American Internacional Group**
AIG: Almoayyed International Group**
AIG: Association of Inspectors General**
AIG: Anthropology Interest Group**
AIG: American International Gemologists**
AIG: American Intenational Group**
AIG: alcohol insoluble reduced glutelin**
AIG: alcohol-insoluble reduced glutelins**
AIG: Accounting Interest Group**
AIG: American International Gangsters**
AIG: Associates Inc Group**
AIG: Advanced Interaction Group**
AIG: American Intrnl Grp**
AIG: Application Intermediation Gateway**
AIG: AIS Insurance Group**
AIG: Alhamrani Industrial Group**
AIG: Arbitrage Instituut GIW**
AIG: And Inter Group**
AIG: Acting Inspector General**
AIG: ATM Interest Group**
AIG: Address indicating groups**
AIG: Anesthesiology Interest Group**
AIG: Advanced Implementation Group**
AIG: Anti Insurgent Group**
AIG: Assistance Inspector General**
AIG: Ahleia Insurance Group**
AIG: armament industries group**
AIG: Army Inspector General**
AIG: Advanced Imaging for Glaucoma**
AIG: And International Group**
AIG: Africa Internet Group**
AIG: Art Institute Glitter**
AIG: Active Ingredient Group**
AIG: Air Impulse Generators**
AIG: American Insurers Group**
AIG: An Alumni Interest Group**
AIG: Administration Interest Group**
AIG: Alumni Interest Groups**
AIG: Attorney Intervention Group**
AIG: Acer InfoSystems Group**
AIG: American International Gruop**
AIG: American Intl Grp**
AIG: Architecture Innovations Group**
AIG: Articles Insurance Giant**
AIG: Associazione Italiana Gnatologia**
AIG: Americain International Group**
AIG: Amnesty International Group**
AIG: Associazione Italiana Guppy**
AIG: american ink girl**
AIG: Art Institute and Gallery**
AIG: African Internet Group*
AIG: Allenvest Investment Group*
AIG: ACAS Implementation Group*
AIG: Address Indicator Groups*
AIG: American Idol of Greed*
AIG: Anesthesia Interest Group*
AIG: Agricultural Implementation Group*
AIG: American International Gp*
AIG: Amerisure Insurance Group*
AIG: Announ Insurance Giant*
AIG: Aquifer Implementation Group*
AIG: Assistant Inspectors General*
AIG: AIDS Information Group*
AIG: Americ an International Group*
AIG: Aust Industry Group*
AIG: And Information GIST*
AIG: Australian Institute of Geosciences*
AIG: Acting Inspectors General*
AIG: Administrative Issues Group*
AIG: Addressee Information Group*
AIG: Algorithmic Image Gallery*
AIG: Asociacion de Informatica de Guatemala*
AIG: Access Indiana Governor*
AIG: Aerosport International Gleitschirmsportartikel*
AIG: American Institute of Graphic*
AIG: Amiga Internet Guide*
AIG: Amnesty International Georgia*
AIG: Amsterdam Image Gallery*
AIG: Analysing Internet Geography*
AIG: Analysis and Integration Group*
AIG: Arc Information Grid*
AIG: Artificial Intelligence in Games*
AIG: Ascension Island Geology*
AIG: Asociaci=n de Industriales de Guatemala*
AIG: Asociaci=n de Informßtica de Guatemala*
AIG: Association International le de Geodesie*
AIG: Association Internationale de Geologie de l ingenieur*
AIG: Association Internationale de Geologie de l'ingenieur*
AIG: Australian Institute of Geoscien*
AIG: Australian Institute of Geoscience*
AIG: Axite Internet Group*

Note: Acronym Finder has 37 verified definitions for AIG

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