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AIE: Architecture in Education****
AIE: Arboricultural Information Exchange****
AIE: Alarm Interrupt Enable***
AIE: Analysis and Information Exchange***
AIE: Academy of Interactive Entertainment***
AIE: Agency for International***
AIE: anemia infecciosa equina***
AIE: Art in Education***
AIE: Alliance for Investor Education***
AIE: Agence Internationale de l'Energie atomique***
AIE: And in the Instrument***
AIE: Ali Institute of Education***
AIE: Advanced Information Engineering***
AIE: And or the Investor***
AIE: Artists in Education***
AIE: Association for International Education***
AIE: Artificially Inflated Earnings***
AIE: Academy for Individual Excellence***
AIE: Application Isolation Environments***
AIE: Artificial Intelligence in Engineering***
AIE: Accredited Independent Entities***
AIE: Association of International Educators***
AIE: a i engineering***
AIE: Associazione Italiana Endometriosi***
AIE: Alliance for International Education***
AIE: Action Image Exchange***
AIE: Arab Insurance Establishment***
AIE: Army Institute of Education***
AIE: Arbeit in Europa***
AIE: Academic Image Exchange***
AIE: ARECA Insurance Exchange***
AIE: Advertisement in Education***
AIE: Association of Innovative Entrepreneurship***
AIE: Allied Industrial Engineering***
AIE: Authority to Incur Expenditure***
AIE: Atlantic Industrial Exhibition**
AIE: Alternative Import Export**
AIE: Assessment Information Exchange**
AIE: A23187-inducible element**
AIE: active infectious endocarditis**
AIE: active infective endocarditis**
AIE: acute infective endocarditis**
AIE: acute inflammatory exudate**
AIE: Advanced Information Extractor**
AIE: ambulation-increasing effect**
AIE: Anoxic-ischemic encephalopathy**
AIE: Asian Industrial Expo**
AIE: Association of International Education**
AIE: And Institute of Energy**
AIE: Advanced Interactive Executive**
AIE: Advanced Image Enhancement**
AIE: Amputee Information Exchange**
AIE: Area Interchange Error**
AIE: average intensity of exposure**
AIE: Apollo Investment Europe**
AIE: Arkansas Industrial Electric**
AIE: Austin and Isabel**
AIE: Asia International Enterprise**
AIE: Additional Insured Endorsement**
AIE: Amity Institute of Education**
AIE: adoption information exchange**
AIE: approximate intracellular concentration**
AIE: American International Electric**
AIE: Aide Individualisée Exceptionnelle**
AIE: Attitude Is Essential**
AIE: Auxiliary Interrupt Enable**
AIE: Alternative Innovative Education**
AIE: Advanced Instructor Examination**
AIE: American Industrial Equipment**
AIE: American International Enterprises**
AIE: Advances in Econometrics**
AIE: Argyll and the Island Enterprise**
AIE: Advanced Industrial Economies**
AIE: American Institution Enterprise**
AIE: Alarm Interface Extension**
AIE: American Indian Entrepreneurship**
AIE: Archaeological Information Exchange**
AIE: Authenticated Interleaved Encryption**
AIE: Action in English**
AIE: Application Industrial Engineering**
AIE: Aides Individualisées Exceptionnelles**
AIE: American Indian Experience**
AIE: Arizona International Educators**
AIE: Automatic Image Enhancer**
AIE: Academy for International Education*
AIE: Alternative and Innovation Education*
AIE: American Independent Electronics*
AIE: Academic Information Environment*
AIE: Academic Innovation Exchange*
AIE: Aktiviteter I Europa*
AIE: Assistant Import Export*
AIE: Associate Insurance Examiner*
AIE: Australian Institution of Engineers*
AIE: Amway Independent Entrepreneurs*
AIE: Antenne Information Emploi*
AIE: Atheos Image Editor*
AIE: Advaced Instructor Exam*
AIE: Associate of the Institute of Education*
AIE: Association of Independent Engineers*
AIE: Aviation Industry Expo*
AIE: Army Information Engineering*
AIE: Ahlberg Information Enterprises*
AIE: Acceso a Informaci+n Enviada*
AIE: Actrix Information Exchange*
AIE: Admon Ilan Empire*
AIE: Adverse Impact to the Environment*
AIE: Aide a l'IntTgration des ElFves*
AIE: Amco Illinois Embarass*
AIE: Amco Illinois Embarras*
AIE: Ampcontrol Innovative Electronic*
AIE: Artistic Impressions of the Environment*
AIE: Artistic Intuition Engine*
AIE: Asociaci=n Indigenista de Evangelizaci=n*
AIE: Associate of the Institute*
AIE: Attached Information Equipment*
AIE: Auburn Illinois Edgewood*

Note: Acronym Finder has 37 verified definitions for AIE

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