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What does AIDA stand for?

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AIDA: Associazione Italiana Diplomati Antiginnastica****
AIDA: Attention Interest Desire and Action****
AIDA: Astronomical Image Data Archive****
AIDA: Agricultural Income Disaster Assistance***
AIDA: Associazione Italiana Dermatologi Ambulatoriali***
AIDA: Amherst Industrial Development Agency***
AIDA: Association of International Development Agencies***
AIDA: Australian Institute of Dramatic Arts***
AIDA: Awareness Interest Desire Action***
AIDA: Abstract Interfaces for Data Analysis***
AIDA: Australia Indonesia Development Area***
AIDA: Advanced Interactive Digital Administrations***
AIDA: Advances in Intelligent Data Analysis***
AIDA: American Indian Development Associates***
AIDA: Associazione Italiana Documentazione Avanzata***
AIDA: Agricultural Innovation in Dryland Africa***
AIDA: Automatic Incident Detection Algorithm***
AIDA: american indian defense association***
AIDA: Application Independent Data Aggregation***
AIDA: Australasian Intervarsity Debating Association***
AIDA: Analisi Informatizzata Delle Aziende***
AIDA: Aerosol Interactions and Dynamics in the Atmosphere***
AIDA: Alternatives for International Document Availability***
AIDA: Association of International Developement Agancies***
AIDA: Agriculture Income Disaster Assistance***
AIDA: All India Distillers Association***
AIDA: accurate isotopic difference analysis**
AIDA: Airways Internal Diameter Assessment**
AIDA: alimentary iron deficiency anemia**
AIDA: Accelerator Integrated Data Access**
AIDA: An Adaptive Immersive Data Analyzer**
AIDA: adhesin-involved-in-diffuse-adherence**
AIDA: automated in vitro diffusion analysis**
AIDA: automated in-vitro diffusion analysis**
AIDA: Automatic Interpretation for Diagnosis Assistance**
AIDA: Automatic Interpretation for Diagnostic Assistance**
AIDA: Alabama Independent Drugstore Association**
AIDA: Albany Industrial Development Agency**
AIDA: Animals in Distress Association**
AIDA: Automatic Interpretation and Data Analysis software**
AIDA: Ankle Images Digital Analysis**
AIDA: Alpine guide Italia-Deutschland-Austria**
AIDA: Aerosol Industry Development Association**
AIDA: Australian Irish Dancing Association**
AIDA: Attention Information Desire Action**
AIDA: Advanced Impact Detector Assembly**
AIDA: Advanced Instructional Design Advisor**
AIDA: Aerosols in Danish Air**
AIDA: Associazione Italiana Di Aerofilatelia**
AIDA: Attract Interest Desire Action**
AIDA: Annali It Dir Autore**
AIDA: Amateur Israel Dancesport Association**
AIDA: An Interactive Diabetes Advisor**
AIDA: Artificial Intelligence for Document Analysis**
AIDA: Automobile Information Disclosure Act**
AIDA: Aerosol Interaction and Dynamics in the Atmosphere**
AIDA: American Independent Dentists Association**
AIDA: Autocorrelation Indices for DNA Analysis**
AIDA: Automated Insulin Dosage Advisor**
AIDA: Asia Infrastructure Development Alliance**
AIDA: Automatisierungs Initiative Deutscher Automobilhersteller*
AIDA: All India Darts Association*
AIDA: Amateur Israel Dance Association*
AIDA: Agro Industrial Development Areas*
AIDA: Asociacion Internacional de Derecho de Aguas*
AIDA: Alarm Identification on Demand*
AIDA: Appreciative Inquiry Development Activities*
AIDA: Associazione Iblea Divulgazione Astronomica*
AIDA: Attention Interest Demand and Action*
AIDA: Australia Indigenous Doctors Association*
AIDA: Abaca Industry Development Authority*
AIDA: Another Insulting Deceptive Announcement*
AIDA: Association of Internacional Development Agencies*
AIDA: Auburn Industrial Development Authority*
AIDA: Arecibo Initiative in Dynamics*
AIDA: Advanced Integrated-circuit Design Aids*
AIDA: Arecibo Initiative in the Dynamics*
AIDA: Accident and emergency Implementation of Distributedriche Architecture*
AIDA: Acoustics for Image Data*
AIDA: Agro-Industrial Development Action*
AIDA: Arecibo Initiative in Dynamics of the Atmosphere*

Note: Acronym Finder has 24 verified definitions for AIDA

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