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What does AGL stand for?

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AGL: Alberta Government Library****
AGL: American Genealogical Lending****
AGL: Arena Gaming League****
AGL: Adobe Glyph List***
AGL: Air Ground Level***
AGL: Asking the Labor***
AGL: And Atlanta Gas Light***
AGL: American General Life***
AGL: Ash Grove Library (Ash Grove, MO)***
AGL: Alliance Group Ltd***
AGL: Acidos Grasos Libres***
AGL: Australia Group List***
AGL: Airfield Ground Lighting***
AGL: Automatic Gun Laying***
AGL: Acide Gamma Linolenique***
AGL: Access Global Logistics***
AGL: alliance group limited***
AGL: Alliance for Global Learning***
AGL: Alliance Gas Ltd***
AGL: Acides Gras Libres***
AGL: Aeronautical Ground Lighting***
AGL: Admiral Group Ltd***
AGL: acute gastric lesions**
AGL: acute granulocyte leukemia**
AGL: anterior glenoid labrum**
AGL: Aplysia gonad lectin**
AGL: argon green laser**
AGL: Algoron Gladiator League**
AGL: Aviation Ground Lighting**
AGL: abscess-forming granulomatous lymphadenitis**
AGL: adults with granulocytic leukemia**
AGL: Animal Genetics Laboratory**
AGL: Aurora Gold Limited**
AGL: Agenzia Giornali Locali**
AGL: Advanced Guidance Law**
AGL: Application Group Leaders**
AGL: Asthma Genetics Laboratory**
AGL: Anthropological Genetics Lab**
AGL: Action Group on Languages**
AGL: ABOSSO Goldfields Limited**
AGL: Automatic Grenade Launchers**
AGL: Anne Graham Lotz**
AGL: Autonomous Group Learning**
AGL: caused by the deficiency of glycogen-debranching enzyme**
AGL: Australia Gas Light**
AGL: Alternative Gaming League**
AGL: Agri Gestion Laval**
AGL: Accredited Gem Labs**
AGL: Automotive Grade Linux**
AGL: Advanced Glory Logistics**
AGL: Alliance Gaming League**
AGL: Aavantika Gas Limited**
AGL: Action Games League**
AGL: Administration Gestion Logistique**
AGL: And GIA Laboratory**
AGL: Attock Gen Limited**
AGL: Assistant Grand Lecturer**
AGL: Austrian Gaming League**
AGL: Above Grade Level**
AGL: Air Ground Liason**
AGL: Allowable Gross Load**
AGL: Allure Ghana Limited**
AGL: AmericAsia Global Law**
AGL: Astronet Graphics Library**
AGL: Analytical Greek Lexicon**
AGL: Aavantika Gas Ltd**
AGL: Airport Ground Lighting**
AGL: Aprons Grand Lodge**
AGL: Assistant Group Leader*
AGL: Above Groud Level*
AGL: Adamas Gemological Laboratory*
AGL: AEA Great Lakes*
AGL: Anzac Gaming League*
AGL: Atelier de GTnie Logiciel*
AGL: Abituria Germania Lichtenfels*
AGL: Austin Geology Library*
AGL: Aacme Glass Limited*
AGL: Aaron the Greater Levels*
AGL: Aberfoyle Gold Limited*
AGL: Above Ground Level/Air-to-Ground Launch*
AGL: Adamas Geological Laboratory*
AGL: African Gemstones Limited*
AGL: Allen Ginsberg Leary*
AGL: Auslog Geophysical Logging*
AGL: Australian Geodynamics Links*
AGL: Australian Geodynamics on Line*
AGL: Australian Geotechnic Limited*
AGL: Automated Gateways List*

Note: Acronym Finder has 41 verified definitions for AGL

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