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AFP: Augusta Free Press****
AFP: A File Protection****
AFP: And France Prepare****
AFP: Air Force Pararescue****
AFP: Air Force Personnel****
AFP: Alpha feto protein****
AFP: Apple Filing Protocol****
AFP: Alternative Financing Programs****
AFP: Apple File Protocol****
AFP: Anderson Forest Products****
AFP: Agencia France Presse****
AFP: As A Freelance Photo****
AFP: Ange Felix Patasse****
AFP: An Alpha Fetoprotein***
AFP: Al Fajer Properties***
AFP: American Festival Project***
AFP: According to the French Press***
AFP: Air Force Pilot***
AFP: Alliance for Peacebuilding***
AFP: Association of Family Practitioners***
AFP: Association for Fundraising Professionals***
AFP: American Fascist Party***
AFP: Alternative Fuel Providers***
AFP: Alpha Fetoprotein Precursor***
AFP: Annual Fund PDF***
AFP: Asset Financial Planning***
AFP: Anglican Fellowship of Prayer***
AFP: AppleTalk File Protocol***
AFP: Anterior Forebrain Pathway***
AFP: Alliance for Progress***
AFP: Asian Foundation for Philanthropy***
AFP: Aluminum Fry Pans***
AFP: Armed Forces Personnel***
AFP: Armadillo Found in Peru***
AFP: Anal Fistula Plug***
AFP: All Florida PPO***
AFP: advanced fiber placement***
AFP: Art Films Production***
AFP: Al Futtaim Panatech***
AFP: Alfa Feto Proteina***
AFP: Armed Forces of Philippines***
AFP: Alternative Funding Programs***
AFP: Architectural Forest Products***
AFP: Aid for Pakistan***
AFP: Association France Palestine***
AFP: Administrators for the Professions***
AFP: Applications for Prequalification***
AFP: A Finantelor Publice***
AFP: Alfa Feto Protein***
AFP: Advertiser Funded Programmes***
AFP: Agency France Presse***
AFP: And the Four Pairs***
AFP: Agencie France Presse***
AFP: Alberta First Party***
AFP: Alcohol Fuel Plant***
AFP: And Financial Professionals***
AFP: Affiliated Financial Planner***
AFP: Anderson Fire Protection***
AFP: American Fruit Processors***
AFP: Alvin Friendswood Pearland***
AFP: And Function Presentation***
AFP: Association of Financial Planners***
AFP: Alternative Financing Program***
AFP: Air Filled Porosity***
AFP: Alpha Foeto Proteine***
AFP: Association of Family Physicians***
AFP: Air Force Project***
AFP: Asian Forest Partnership***
AFP: Advanced Food Products***
AFP: Awards for Philanthropy***
AFP: Agencija Frans Pres***
AFP: Adventure Foundation Pakistan***
AFP: AIDS Free Philippines***
AFP: Alliance of Forces of Progress***
AFP: Alpha Fetal Protein***
AFP: April First Productions***
AFP: Adult Fitness Program***
AFP: Alians Firm Partnerskich***
AFP: American Family Protection***
AFP: Advanced Freefall Program***
AFP: Association for Payment***
AFP: Air Force Policy***
AFP: Archivum Fratrum Praedicatorum***
AFP: Associated Film Promotions***
AFP: Association of Finance Professionals***
AFP: Atypical Facial Pain***
AFP: Audit Focal Point***
AFP: Artists for Peace***
AFP: Advanced Fire Protection***
AFP: Academy of Family Practice***
AFP: Advance Function Printing***
AFP: Austrian Financial Planners***
AFP: Academic Fellowship Program***
AFP: An Alcohol Fuel Plant***
AFP: Academic Financial Plan***
AFP: Advanced Financial Planning***
AFP: Association Francaise Pyrotechnie***
AFP: assn financial professionals***
AFP: And Film Producer***
AFP: American Forest and Paper***
AFP: Additional Family Payment***
AFP: Algemene Fiscale Politiek***
AFP: Appleshare Filing Protocol***
AFP: Australia Federal Police***
AFP: Associated Fusion Proteins**
AFP: Anti Fungal Proteins**
AFP: abdominal fat pad**
AFP: abdominal fat percentage**
AFP: acid finger protein**
AFP: across-fiber pattern**
AFP: acrylic fixed prostheses**
AFP: acrylic fixed prosthesis**
AFP: activated fixed platelets**
AFP: acute facial palsies**
AFP: adiabatic full passage**
AFP: adiabatic" full-passage**
AFP: alpha 1-fetoprotein**
AFP: alpha1-feto protein**
AFP: amniotic fluid pressure**
AFP: amniotic fluid pressures**
AFP: amyloid fibril protein**
AFP: anatomic-functional-pathologic**
AFP: angioinvasive fungal pneumonias**
AFP: anterior fontanel pressure**
AFP: anticompensatory fast phase**
AFP: antidromic field potential**
AFP: apulsatile failed puberty**
AFP: aqueous fluorescein permeability**
AFP: arterial femoral pressure**
AFP: artificial follicular phase**
AFP: Aspergillus fumigatus phytase**
AFP: atrial fibrillation paroxysms**
AFP: Australian Fiberscopic Profile**
AFP: automated forms processing**
AFP: RGD"-activated, fixed platelets**
AFP: Accreditation Facilitation Project**
AFP: Assoc of Fundraising Professionals**
AFP: Apple Filling Protocol**
AFP: Accreditation Facilitation Projects**
AFP: Albumin Fusion Proteins**
AFP: Athletics Federation of Pakistan**
AFP: 5-alpha-fetoprotein**
AFP: Agro Forestry Plantation**
AFP: analytes-alpha-fetoprotein**
AFP: anti-(alpha-fetoprotein**
AFP: anti-alpha-fetoprotein**
AFP: anti-alpha-foetoprotein**
AFP: markers--alpha-fetoprotein**
AFP: measured--alpha-fetoprotein**
AFP: protein--alpha-fetoprotein**
AFP: Serum-alpha-fetoprotein**
AFP: Alfa File Protector**
AFP: Associated Free Press**
AFP: Armed Forces as Provided**
AFP: Analog Fire Panel**
AFP: And Fundraising Professionals**
AFP: adiabatic fast passage principle**
AFP: Age-of-Fitness Point**
AFP: alfa-1-feto-protein**
AFP: alph-a-fetoprotein**
AFP: alpha-1-feto-protein**
AFP: alpha-feto-protein level**
AFP: amniotic fluid alphafetoprotein**
AFP: amniotic-fluid alphafetoprotein**
AFP: analysed for alphafetoprotein**
AFP: and fetal alphafetoprotein**
AFP: anterior fontanelle pressure monitoring**
AFP: antidromically evoked field potential**
AFP: assay for alphafetoprotein**
AFP: assay for alphafetoprotein**
AFP: assays for alphafoetoprotein**
AFP: Approved Financial Plans**
AFP: Artistic Figure Photography**
AFP: Arsenal Fans Paradise**
AFP: Asser Fysiotherapie Praktijk**
AFP: Accompanying Family Persons**
AFP: Alternative Financing Project**
AFP: Approved Funding Programs**
AFP: Abnormalize Floating Point**
AFP: Applications For Permits**
AFP: Association of Former Pentecostals**
AFP: Anterior Fontanelle Pressure**
AFP: Ambulante Forensische Psychiatrie**
AFP: Application Function Point**
AFP: Affiliated to the Pension**
AFP: Aliyev File Photo**
AFP: Annual Family Partnership**
AFP: Annual Funding Programs**
AFP: Aquila Financial Products**
AFP: Associated Fire Protection**
AFP: Airspace Flow Programs**
AFP: Artillery Fired atomic Projectile**
AFP: Association Fausse Presse**
AFP: Association for Finishing Processes**
AFP: alpha foeto protein**
AFP: Alternative Funding Plans**
AFP: Amplifying Fluorescent Polymers**
AFP: ACIAR Funded Projects**
AFP: American Freedom Press**
AFP: Auto Fluorescent Protein**
AFP: Advance Funded Provider**
AFP: American Farm Policy**
AFP: 123I-anti-alphafetoprotein**
AFP: Air Force Plants**
AFP: Airline Flight Planner**
AFP: Archive of Formal Proofs**
AFP: Average Final Prices**
AFP: Aviation Focal Point**
AFP: Alternative Financing Procurement**
AFP: ASCII to Floating Point**
AFP: Advanced Feature Pack**
AFP: Advances in Fire Practice**
AFP: Agene France Presse**
AFP: Albany Financial Planners**
AFP: Applied Forensic Psychology**
AFP: Approved Funding Plans**
AFP: Adiabatic Fast Passage**
AFP: Advanced Facultative Pond**
AFP: Anime Fansub Project**
AFP: Appletalk Filling Protocol**
AFP: Automatic Facility Protection**
AFP: acme fluoro polymers**
AFP: Advanced Freefall Progression**
AFP: At Freedom Plaza**
AFP: Agreement Forest Program**
AFP: Alzheimer Family Program**
AFP: Aviation Facilities Plan**
AFP: Advanced Function Printers**
AFP: Abnormalized Floating Point**
AFP: Academic Fundraising Partnership**
AFP: Allegheny Fluid Power**
AFP: Away from Powwow**
AFP: Alternate Funding Plans**
AFP: Africa the Political**
AFP: Alternative Funding Payment**
AFP: Annual Faculty Plan**
AFP: Anton Frid Photography**
AFP: Association Fundraising Professionals**
AFP: Automated Filter Press**
AFP: Advanced Functions Presentations**
AFP: Albrecht Function Points**
AFP: Alfa Fetal Protein**
AFP: Allawi File Photo**
AFP: Alliance of Fitness Professionals**
AFP: Alpha Fetal Proteins**
AFP: Artisanal Fish Processors**
AFP: ATC Fligth Plan**
AFP: Atomic Force Profiler**

Note: Acronym Finder has 103 verified definitions for AFP

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