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AFI: American Fibertek Inc****
AFI: Analistas Financieros Internacionales****
AFI: Available to the Film****
AFI: As Far as I know****
AFI: Association of Film****
AFI: Atlanta Foods International****
AFI: Australian Foresight Institute****
AFI: American and Foreign Intelligence***
AFI: Authorised Financial Institutions***
AFI: Aluminium Fenster Institut***
AFI: australian foundation investment***
AFI: After an Incendiary***
AFI: Alzheimer Forschung Initiative***
AFI: A Fully Integrated***
AFI: Associazione Famiglie Italiane***
AFI: Alternate Furrow Irrigation***
AFI: A Film Institute***
AFI: Aqua Finance Inc***
AFI: Apartment Finders International***
AFI: Amaurotic Familial Idiocy***
AFI: Air Force Information***
AFI: Anteaters for Israel***
AFI: Association for Font Information***
AFI: Application Field Identifier***
AFI: Amount Financial Institution***
AFI: Association of Federal Investigators***
AFI: Academic Friends of Israel***
AFI: Assembly on Federal Issues***
AFI: Algemene Farmaceutische Inspectie***
AFI: Aviation Facilities Inc***
AFI: Arson and Fire Investigation***
AFI: Aquaculture Foundation of India***
AFI: Artist Forum International***
AFI: Air Force Intelligence***
AFI: Antarctic Funding Initiative***
AFI: Aerials for Industry***
AFI: Armenia Fund Inc***
AFI: Accord Financial Inc***
AFI: Administration and Finance***
AFI: American Film Insitute***
AFI: Administrative and Funding Issues***
AFI: Alfabet Fonètic Internacional***
AFI: Ayala Foundation Inc***
AFI: Ancient Forest International***
AFI: Alternative Family Institute***
AFI: Advanced Fluid Information***
AFI: Another Fucking Idiot***
AFI: Annual Federal Inspection***
AFI: Austin Forex International***
AFI: Authority Format Identifier***
AFI: Air Force Fitness***
AFI: Australia Film Institute***
AFI: Associazione Farmaceutici Industria***
AFI: America Film Institute***
AFI: American Food Institute***
AFI: Alabama Fatherhood Initiative***
AFI: Associazione Fonetica Internazionale***
AFI: American Forces Information***
AFI: Athletics Federation of India***
AFI: Acorn Farms Inc***
AFI: Accountancy Finance and Insurance***
AFI: Armed Forces Institute***
AFI: Anarchist Federation Ireland***
AFI: Aggies for Israel***
AFI: Association for Foreign Investments***
AFI: Astrology Foundation Incorporated***
AFI: Area Flight Instructor***
AFI: Areas For Improvement***
AFI: Automatic Fault Indication***
AFI: Asosiasi Franchise Indonesia***
AFI: abdominal fat index**
AFI: Achilles Functional Index**
AFI: Activities Frequency Inventory**
AFI: Allogeneic fetal intestinal**
AFI: amniotic fluid insulin**
AFI: Annual falciparum Incidence**
AFI: arterial flow index**
AFI: articular function insufficiency**
AFI: ascitic fluid infection**
AFI: atrial fibrillation interval**
AFI: Atrial Fibrillation Investigators**
AFI: Attentional Function Index**
AFI: average fluorescence intensity**
AFI: Australian Fuel Injection**
AFI: Asset Finance International**
AFI: Assistant Flying Instructor**
AFI: Association of Food Industry**
AFI: Air Force Industrial**
AFI: abdominal wall fat index**
AFI: amniotic fluid insulin concentration**
AFI: art future image intervention**
AFI: art future-image intervention**
AFI: Australian Fashion Innovators**
AFI: ability fabricators inc**
AFI: Arts from Independent**
AFI: Annual Formal Inspection**
AFI: Allison Fisher International**
AFI: Arctic Futures Initiative**
AFI: Automated Focused Interview**
AFI: American Federal Investments**
AFI: Assembly of First**
AFI: American Film Institution**
AFI: Afars and Issas**
AFI: Alumni Foundation Incorporated**
AFI: Arthritis Foundation of India**
AFI: Alaa for Industry**
AFI: Address Family Indicator**
AFI: Anime Fansub Island**
AFI: Air Force Issued**
AFI: Affordable Flexible Innovative**
AFI: Any Febrile Illness**
AFI: Affaires Francophones Intergouvernementales**
AFI: Alabama Friends of Israel**
AFI: Agro Food Industry**
AFI: Aust Foundation Invest**
AFI: Architectural Fiberglass Inc**
AFI: Armed Forces Italy**
AFI: Association For International**
AFI: Atmospheric Forcing Index**
AFI: Aboriginal Financial Institutions**
AFI: Acute Febrile Illness**
AFI: Agriculture and Food Initiative**
AFI: Alfabet Fonetic Internacionau**
AFI: Architecture for the Internet**
AFI: Agro Food Industries**
AFI: An Assistant Flying Instructor**
AFI: Aquarius Flight Inc**
AFI: Announces the Film Is**
AFI: Approximate Frequent Itemset**
AFI: AVO Fluid Inversion**
AFI: Address Format Identifier**
AFI: Ass Fucking Idiots**
AFI: AZUSA Fellowship International**
AFI: Agents of the Federal Investigation**
AFI: Alfabetul Fonetic International**
AFI: Ashley Furniture Industries**
AFI: Automated Function Imaging**
AFI: Adjunct Faculty Initiative**
AFI: Alternative Fuels Inc**
AFI: arboy finance investissement**
AFI: Army Formal Inspection**
AFI: Artal Food Industries**
AFI: Association of Fitness Instructors**
AFI: Accordion Fringe Interferometry**
AFI: Advanced Food Imaging**
AFI: Ancient Forests International**
AFI: Agence Femmes Informations**
AFI: Application Factory Inc**
AFI: Approximate Frequent Item**
AFI: Available Fluoride Ion**
AFI: As Federal Investigative**
AFI: Audio Facilities Interface**
AFI: Advanced Fulfillment Initiative**
AFI: Agora Francophone Internationale**
AFI: Automated Flow Inc**
AFI: Auxiliary Force India**
AFI: Average Feed Intake**
AFI: Affordable Flying Initiative**
AFI: Always Forever Immortal**
AFI: Away from Internet**
AFI: azienda farmac ital**
AFI: Air Freezing Index*
AFI: American Fibernet Inc*
AFI: Asian Family Institute*
AFI: Australian Fim Institute*
AFI: Agency of Federal Investigations*
AFI: Aust Foundation Investment*
AFI: Australian Film Insitute*
AFI: Authority and Format Identifiers*
AFI: Air Forwarding International*
AFI: Akademi Faranoid Indonesia*
AFI: And Academy Foreign*
AFI: Aquaculture Fisheries International*
AFI: ARC File Inspector*
AFI: Auxiliaires Féminines Internationales*
AFI: A Family Internet*
AFI: A Fire Inside01*
AFI: Access to Fin Info*
AFI: African Future Institute*
AFI: Agence Femmes Information*
AFI: agence francaise immobiliere*
AFI: Agra Flooring International*
AFI: Allied Fabricators Inc*
AFI: Appalachian Family Innovations*
AFI: Archive File Inspector*
AFI: Archives FIAT and the International*
AFI: Attendance Funding Information*
AFI: Association Francaise des Informaticiens*
AFI: Alzheimer Forschung International*
AFI: Access Factory Incorporated*
AFI: Acquiring Fossils Information*
AFI: Air Flo Insoles*
AFI: Air Force Inudstrial*
AFI: Akademie Fnr Informatik*
AFI: Alaska Fairbanks Institute*
AFI: All Financial Interests*
AFI: Allen Filters Incorporated*
AFI: Allied Fidelity Insurance*
AFI: American Football Index*
AFI: Association of Forest Industries*
AFI: Australian Fishing Industry*

Note: Acronym Finder has 76 verified definitions for AFI

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