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What does ADW stand for?

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ADW: American Diabetes Wholesale****
ADW: Animal Drinking Water****
ADW: Architectural Design Workshop***
ADW: Atlanta Daily World***
ADW: Assistance Dogs of the West***
ADW: Accounting Data Warehouse***
ADW: A Deadly Weapon***
ADW: Analytical Data Warehouse***
ADW: Accessing Deep Web***
ADW: Analog Digital Wandler***
ADW: Architectural Doors Windows***
ADW: Application Development Workstation***
ADW: Alcohol Drug and Weapon***
ADW: Alliance of Downriver Watersheds***
ADW: Area Development Workers***
ADW: Arts Disability Wales***
ADW: Austro Danubia Wien**
ADW: A Dangerous Weapon**
ADW: Agricultural Drainage Well**
ADW: Access the Destination Workshop**
ADW: Area Damage Weapons**
ADW: Average Dry Weather**
ADW: Approval to Drill Wells**
ADW: Association of Deletionist Wikipedians**
ADW: Avalanche Digital Works**
ADW: autosomal dwarf strain**
ADW: autosomal dwarfing gene**
ADW: Australian Domaine Wines**
ADW: Automotive Distributors Warehouse**
ADW: Active Data Warehousing**
ADW: Agricultural Drainage Wells**
ADW: American Depositary Warrants**
ADW: Art Directors Workshop**
ADW: Arbeitskreis Deutsche Wirtschaft**
ADW: Agent Defeat Weapons**
ADW: Allgemeine Deutsche Waffenring**
ADW: Arbeitsgemeinschaft Demokratischer Wirtschaftswissenschaftler**
ADW: American Dental Websites**
ADW: Air Defense Weapons**
ADW: Analysis and Design Workstations**
ADW: ARM Debugger for Windows**
ADW: Adriatic Deep Water*
ADW: Air Domination War*
ADW: Area Defence Weapons*
ADW: Area Denial Weapon*
ADW: Agent Defeat Warhead*
ADW: Air Defense Warnings*
ADW: Atkinson Dyer Watson*
ADW: Application Developers Workbench*
ADW: Aviation Data Warehouse*
ADW: American Discount Warehouse*
ADW: Air Delivered Weapon*
ADW: Account Development Workshop*
ADW: Aarons Discount Warehouse*
ADW: Aarons Discount Wigs*
ADW: Air Defence Warning*
ADW: Air Defense Warning; Area Defense Weapon (NATO)*
ADW: Alcoholic Drinks Whiskey*
ADW: Allied Danville Works*
ADW: Alzheimer Disease Web*
ADW: American Diversified Wertpapierhandelsbank*
ADW: Auslandsamt Die Webseiten*

Note: Acronym Finder has 29 verified definitions for ADW

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