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Asia Development Bank****
Assessment Data Base****
Antwerp Diamond Bank****
Accidental Death Benefits****
America Development Bank****
American Dairy Brands***
Active Dimension Battle***
And the African Development Bank***
andean development bank***
Akademischer Dienst Berlin***
Accelerated Death Benefits***
Anti Discriminatie Bureau***
Australian Dirt Bike***
Analytical Data Base***
Africa Development Bank***
Abdominal Diaphragmatic Breathing***
Automatic Dead Bolt***
African Developent Bank***
Allgemeine Deutsche Burschenschaft***
Africa Digital Bridges***
Agriculture Development Bank***
american drill bushing***
Associated Data Block***
And Development in Bank***
Asian Development Banks***
Advisory Development Board***
Autoryzowani Doradcy Biznesowi***
Asian Develoment Bank***
An Development Bank***
Akta Dadah Berbahaya***
And DFID Bangladesh***
Association Des Bars***
Administrative and Budgetary***
Applications Data Base***
Agricultural Development Board***
Allgemeine Deutsche Bibliographie***
Anguilla Development Board***
ASEAN Development Bank***
A Different Beat***
ABRAR Discounts Berhad***
Acceptable Data Base**
acute delayed bronchitis**
atypical dense bodies**
Alarm Detector Base**
anti-downstream box**
abnormal dispersion of birefringence**
adenosine deaminase binding protein**
administrative discharge board**
anti-deoxyribonuclease B test**
anti-DNase B antibodies**
Apple Desktop Buss**
Area Distribution Box**
African Develoment Bank**
Annual Development Budget**
Alarm Data Base**
Apple's Desktop Bus**
Active Demension Battle**
Application Development Branch**
Affiliate in Development Bank**
And Drawing Board**
Auto DVD Backup**
Additional Data Bank**
Advanced Database Networking**
Automatisk Data Behandling**
Asian Development Board**
amicale don bosco**
Amplifier Discriminator Board**
Asian Development Band**
About the Development Bank**
Another Damn Bug**
American Development Banks**
Associate Diploma in Banking**
Auxiliary Data Bus**
Actuarial Document Browser**
Advanced Digital Broadcasting**
African Developement Bank**
Archdiocese of Boston**
Assisted the Bank**
Advanced Design Bus**
Applications Development Bureau**
Activated Diffusion Bonding**
Airport Data Base**
Analysis Data Base**
AUTB Dana Bakti**
Action Delivery Board**
And the Development Bank*
Agricultural Development Branches*
Atlantic Development Board*
A Document of the Borrower*
Activities Development Board*
Asian Development Bureau*
Ausschreibungs Daten Bank*
Australian Development Bank*
Adaptive Dynamic Backbone*
Air Defense Base*
American Dutch British*
Authorised Dealer Banks*
activity desk branch*
Adaptable Data Base*
Aerodynamic Data Book*
Anatomy and Developmental Biology*
Asian Developing Bank*
Arquivo Distrital de Beja*
Arizona Diamondbacks Baseball*
Advanced Data Base*
Association des Directeurs de Bibliotheques*
Aaron Davidson Berkhamsted*
Abgeordnete des Deutschen Bundes*
Acquisition Development Bureau*
Ad Dawhah Baladiyah*
Afronet Discussion Board*
Alumni of Dobyns Bennett*
Anthropology Department Brown*
Apartments Daytona Beach*
Applications of Databases*
Artist David Boston*
Association Des BibliothFques*
Atlantic Division Basketball*
Audio Drama Books*
Aula di Didattica Biomedica*

Note: Acronym Finder has 55 verified definitions for ADB

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